Monday, March 22, 2010

Working Title

So I'm writing a novel. Or, at least, attempting it. See, it's my first, and so there will always be the doubt that it will ever be finished. I do have a definite plot mapped out though, based on an original Text RPG storyline that I've been working on (in collaberation with others) for the past four years or so. I have more than enough material, enough that perhaps, there may be a second book. If only I could get the first one written.

And so the tentative title of this novel is 'Free Fall', although recently I've been toying with the title 'Tough Love'. I like them both, and they both fit the story, but I'm starting to think that 'Tough Love' would be best for 'book 1' and 'Free Fall' for book 2, if there will ever be such a thing. For now though, I'm going to stick with 'Free Fall' as my working title.

The story is that of a woman, a counselor for troubled teens in a fictional wilderness school. By day she helps teenagers work through the problems that are holding them back in life, such as addictions, abuse, anger issues or something similar. Off campus though, she is just as messed up as any of them, and relapses back into the alcoholism and abusive relationship she'd just narrowly escaped a few short years earlier. Help comes to her from the most unlikely of sources - one of her students.

I have the outline (in pencil!) done, and about one page written. I am currently in the research phase, and have been reading journal articles and websites for information about alcohol and drug addiction, abuse, wilderness schools and juvenile offenders. So far, I have found several websites for different schools that fit the bill, and I will be contacting them in order to gain information about their daily operation and anything else that will be useful to the story. I will also be conducting hands-on research into addiction, attending one (or perhaps a few) AA meetings in order to more accurately portray them over the course of the book.

I'm going to use this blog to track my progress with writing and researching, as well as discuss other non-noveling interests as they come up. I welcome questions and comments, I am also here to socialize!

And now, back to the writing...


  1. Sweetie, I am so extremely proud of you and how much you're putting into this novel. I give you all the support that I can ever manage, and I know that you'll make this happen. I'm always here for you, my love <3

    In my opinion, based off of what I know of the outline you've made, I'm almost leaning towards the prospect of the 1st being 'Free Fall' and the 2nd being 'Tough Love'. Granted, I don't have much to go on as I don't know what the sequel might consist of, but that's just my vote as of right now! You're always free to persuade me into your way of thinking ;)

    I'm very excited about this blog, I'm bookmarking it. And I swear, I better get an autographed copy of this novel in the mail as soon as it's published!


    ps; that is one beautiful picture! I don't mind your eye on me at all, rawr.

  2. *g* welllllll my thinking about 'Tough Love' as the first was that both she and Max would be getting that sort of treatment in that book, whereas Nish would 'Free Fall' into depression in the second one with the baby-kidnapping. IF I do a second one, I'm thinking I might not involve Holden in the first o.o Sooooooo he can jump in and save her from despair at the beginning of the second! If I do that, she'll hook back up with James at the end of the first, at the last AA meeting.

    Soooo yeah. That's my rationale ^_^ buuut none of it is set in stone as of yet *nods*

  3. Ohh, I see I see. This makes sense!

    Of course, you omit Holden from the first - and have him jumping in and saving her from despair at the beginning of the second, it's not quite a 'Free Fall'!

  4. hahaha welll he won't save her right away, you know :P She has to do the 'fall' part before he can save her ^_^ rememberrrrr the first real Nish/Holden thread? In the bar? It could open with that...and then she goes through the whole kidnapping thing, and then they meet up again and he helps her...ohh! He could totally be a cop or detective or something!!! :D :D THAT! ^_^