Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Life Changes Hindering Writing...

So I've been away for a while. I've started working 10 hour days lately, and will be doing so until the second week of May, but there's a bright spot at the end of that time - I'll be taking some time off. It's sort of a 'have to' thing, being that my contract with the college will be over until the fall, but I'm glad I'll have some time to myself. My search for a summer job has been quite fruitless, and so I've decided to give myself a little time to reflect and possibly take a course while I figure out what to do with myself. I'll be back to work for sure in the fall, but hopefully find a second part time job as early as June or July. There just aren't any jobs right now for a unilingual English Library Technician out there :(

Also, I've been away because of sadder reasons. My hamster died this past weekend, in the wee hours of the 18th, and so I've been steadily working through the grieving process of that. I'm a lot better now than I was, but it's still taken a lot of the wind out of my muse's sails. That, combined with my extremely long working hours has made me a zombie whenever I do have some computer time, and so my novel has temporarily been put on hold.

I do, however, have big plans. I plan to work on my novel every single day, starting when my contract ends for this term (early May). I plan to spend my days writing and napping and working out on Wii Fit and walking and searching the internet for jobs in my field. I hope, by the time I do go back to work, to have at least a partially completed manuscript, if not an entire rough draft. I also plan to document my progress here, so as to be accountable to something other than myself ^_^

I've also paused in my writing for Suite 101, although I have managed to punch out two articles in the past two weeks and outline a few more for later writing. Being so tired after work has made it almost impossible to write interesting articles, but I found a few that were pretty easy to write, so I managed to publish a little. My revenue has made it up to $1.47, but I know I'll have to work on more 'moneymaker' articles than simply 'ohh, I wanna write about this topic I like' articles. That would of course, require brain power, which I'm quite short on at the moment!

All in all I'm hanging in here. I'll be back to my normal inspired self in a few weeks. Novel is quietly simmering on the backburner though, and while my muse is very tired at the moment, it's still there.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Always remember:

No matter what you do, there will always be somebody who can do it better than you.

That means that no matter what you do, you will always be better at it than somebody else.

Think about it :P

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I have a new laptop, and her name is Artemis ^_^ It's a cute little silver NetBook that I inherited from a totally awesome friend of mine :D She seemed to have a surplus of computers and she offered this one that she wasn't using. 'I have a MacBook so I don't need it,' she says. Is it possible to love and hate someone at the same time? *giggles* she's awesome. She even hooked me up with some awesome software to go with it ^_^ Nowwww since it's tiny I had to buy an external DVD drive for it, which was not a problem, and I need to get myself a USB hub since Artemis only has two and they're far apart from each other, thus complicating the DVD drive thing (it needs two side by side, though it came with a handy USB extender that I'm using for now) My old harddrive (now an external drive of awesome) also requires the two plugins, so I'm going for a hub *nods*

So, Artemis. She's awesome. She's got a tiny screen (hard to get used to after the monster 17" I had before) and a slightly smaller than normal keyboard, but I'm already getting used to that. I can play some games on it (I tried to load the Sims but the display was all wonky and gameplay is sluggish so I'll take it off...Neverwinter plays great though :D) most importantly my Luxor and MahJong games, though I'll have to download Chuzzle again. *luvs Chuzzle* Just downloaded iTunes but have to get MSN back soon, as well as find an effective antivirus software (I'm using a free one right now called ClamWin, and I was also told about another free one Avira which is supposed to be pretty good, though I heard I might be able to get a copy of ESET NOD32, the newer version of what I had. The fact that the older version left my laptop crawling with viruses however, gives me pause on that one o.o

And so, on the writing front...I managed to write a little bit using pen and paper while I was without a computer. I wrote a few random scenes that may or may not be used, and I also revised the outline. I have tentatively decided that the story I want to tell is not one but TWO novels, the first of which would be named 'Tough Love' and the second would be 'Free Fall.'

I decided that, the story arc of the first, 'Tough Love', will be Nis'ku and Sam (Max). Nis'ku's story will be her breakup with James (or she's already broken up with him before the start), her struggle with depression and alcoholism, the return of Stephen, and her eventually finding the strength to get out of the relationship and ask for help (when the first time he was arrested which forced the separation). Rory will be a big part of this storyline, being her best friend, neighbour and onetime (accidental, honest!) lover ^_^ Sam's storyline will take her from an unruly repeat offender to a nurturing mother by the end of the story. I haven't yet worked out the details of the guys in her life and what part Chris (best friend and the guy she REALLY loves) will play, and if I will write Ryan into the story or just meld him with Chris. That part is still up in the air, but by the end of the novel she will have graduated high school and be handling motherhood well.

Also, by the end of the first book, Nis'ku will discover that she's pregnant. And won't know whether it's Stephen's or Rory's o.o

Book 2, Free Fall, will be the kidnapping story. It will start with Nish having her baby, with Rory ever at her side (despite the fact that he's MARRIED and reconciling with his wife). I think, by this time, we know the baby is Stephen's. So does Stephen. When the baby is about six months old, he kidnaps her right from the daycare, and thus the plot of this story will be the police investigation/searching for the kid, as well as Nish's new friendship with Holden (he will either be one of the cops (cliche!) or a guy she meets at AA (original idea)). She and Holden will become very good (but platonic) friends and he'll be her support during her daughter's absence (I'm thinking Rory will be occupied with his wife and family by this point). This story will end, obviously, with the child being found and will probably end up with Stephen being arrested and/or shot, haven't decided yet. They don't find him until nearly a year later though, and so this introduces the angst of 'my child doesn't even know who I am anymore' when Nish and her daughter are finally reunited. Holden helps her through it, they fall in love, Nish makes a connection with her daughter. The End. *lol*

Sam will also be in this book too I think, though to what extent I haven't decided. She has things to work out with Chris (and the father, if I do write him into this and not just make it Chris). She will also be there as a good friend of Nish's, and will play a role when Nis'ku shuts herself off with depression following her daughter's kidnapping.

The side-plot at the school (yes, there's still a school in this one!) will be, most likely, Sarah and Parson. Sarah is a very troubled girl who has very unhealthy attitudes about sex and gender roles. She falls very hard for her male counselor, and almost brings him down with her before he lays down the law and teaches her why her behavior is inappropriate. It will get very awkward and very squicky in some places and I wanna see if I have the power to make readers squirm *evil laughter* I will have already establish the 'Parson' character in the first book as a co-worker and friend of Nis'ku's (though all the staff at that school are friends, he will have a connection to her, having helped with Sam/Max in the first book).

So...yeah. That's my brilliant idea. Thoughts? Please, I need thoughts ^_^ But what I need most of all is to start writing. I have to set myself a rigid schedule and stick with it. Writing time between this and this o'clock *nods* I need will power...anyone got any to spare?

Thursday, April 1, 2010


My laptop crashed on the weekend, which is putting a serious hamper in my writing plans :( I guess the novel is on hold until I can get a new one, though I have a notebook I can scribble in if the mood strikes me. Never fear though, I will be back! I won't let this stop me ^_^