Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fangirl Moment!

Iiiiiiii just found out that the primary muse for my novel, Sarah Wayne Callies, is filming/has filmed a new movie :D I just saw it on the SaveTheGoodDr LiveJournal community:

"Sarah has a role in a new movie "Black Gold" by Jeta Amata, she will play a reporter named Kate Summers in Nigeria. The movie was shoot in part in Africa"

Full post Here

Aaaaaand picture gallery HERE!

Ohhhh I'm so excited! I know she's in another upcoming movie 'Lullaby for Pi' buuut no idea when that's coming out. I wanna see both though. That, aaand she'll be in an upcoming episode of House, on April 19th, I believe :D *insanely excited*

Alright, that is all. Back to cleaning house ^_^

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

GAHH! *pulls hair out*

So, I'm up to 9 articles on Suite101, and I need another six to finish their '15 articles in 15 days' contest. Even if I don't win (which I won't) it'll give me a good article base to start with so I can take a breather. The contract for Suite is 10 articles every 3 months, so...I'll have until June to write more *lol* I'll definitely write more before then, but at least I'll allow myself to slow down a bit.

On the noveling front, I've slacked on writing it. I'm thinking about it all the time, but I've put my focus into Suite articles for now. After the two Seders for Passover I'll be able to actually sit down and write for more than a few minutes at a time, and I'm sure by the end of the first two days I'll be ITCHING to write again. It's very very hard for me to not write on Shabbos and Yom Tov, very hard.

I've also accepted that I won't get an answer back from the wilderness school I e-mailed late last week. I asked if I could get information about the daily lives of students and staff (general stuff like routines and the like) but no reply. I might try again, but not until I have the time to think more about it.

Also, after Passover I'm going to be hitting up a friend or my sister to come with me to an AA meeting for some reconnaissance, so I can get the feel of what the meetings are like. Writing a recovered (and then later relapsed) alcoholic for my story will require some research. I did write about it lots on the RPG board, but I want to really get into realism here, and the stuff on the board was all me guessing what it's like without actually knowing much about it. All I know about meetings and the like comes from TV shows and movies and hearsay...I want facts. I want to know what it's like to be in that room, listening to people talk about their addictions. The atmosphere is important to being able to clearly picture the situation I'm writing. What is that, method writing?

Anyway, bedtime soon. I'll go play with my hamster (who probly hates me now 'cause I haven't played with him all day o.o) and get some writing done. If my DS doesn't lure me away with its siren call of Mario Party *shifty eyes*

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Inspriration and Muse

Right now, I have more muse than I know what to do with, and no time to write any of it down o.o I'm knee-deep in preparing for Passover this coming Monday and so any sort of writing time is taken up by my efforts on Suite101 (which I am currently falling behind on *lol* so much for 15 articles in 15 days *pouts*). And also, when I do have time at the computer, it's not peaceful quiet time in which I can write novel stuff for more than a few minutes. *pulls hair out*

I thought it would be a good idea to write down the various muse-boosters that help with the writing process though, for my reference as well as for anyone's interest.

Main Character Muse

Having a face to put on my characters is VERY important to me, it gives me something for my imagination to latch on to and 'picture' while I write. Having said that, my muse for my main character Nis'ku comes largely from the avatar that I've been using for the past five years, Sarah Wayne Callies. If I'm ever running out of muse I watch something she's been in, which is most often Prison Break, but also Whisper (2007), and Tarzan (2003). Looking at photos of her in various roles, as well as candids and photoshoots 'off the set' gives me a lot of inspiration for Nish (like personality, habits and mannerisms, background, etc), as well as a visual representation of the character I'm writing about. If my book was ever to be a movie, the character Nis'ku would have to be cast with her, or no one. That's it *lol*

My muse for the secondary character 'Max' (she will be renamed and reworked quite a bit, but I'm still calling her Max for now) actually started as being loosely based on Jessica Alba's character 'Max' from the TV show Dark Angel (2000). I rewrote the character to fit the board's setting, but she quickly became one of my favorites and I ended creating several story arcs with her. She will, again, be heavily re-written for the novel, but the same basic feel of the character will be there (I hope!) Because her character is a teenager and Jessica isn't, I wouldn't demand her for a movie, if such a thing happened. She could easily be recast, but she'll always be Jessica Alba to me ^_^

Other characters were cast as well. For the role of Rob, Nish's brother, I (or rather, my loverly Cylent who graciously played him for me) chose Karl Urban (with Mark Wahlberg as a close runner up), her abusive boyfriend Stephen was/is played by Josh Hollaway, her co-star from the movie Whisper. Other characters (created by other players) had their own avatars too that I'm attached to, but none so much as Nish and Max ^_^

Secondary Character Muse

Music! Ohh how well music and lyrics aid in character development and inspiration! I always load my iPod with music appropriate to what I'm writing. I've found that now that I'm working on the novel I'm favoring more mellow and alternative stuff like Moby and Franz Ferdinand. When I'm doing the actual writing part I put on soundtracks (current favorite is the score from The Fountain by Clint Mansell, and Hero by Tan Dun). Moby works well for that too ^_^ Lyrical music is good when the lyrics match up with the emotions I'm writing in any given scene, though I usually listen to that while doing other things, gathering muse for later writing. Right now, one song is stuck in my mind, and I think I'll need to aquire the rights to use it as quotes thruought the book (if I ever get published, that is lol). The lyrics to 'Lovers Walk' by Elvis Costello are perfect for the different parts of the book, and I'm just itching to use them. That song is a great muse booster for me whenever it comes up in my playlist ^_^

Other Sources of Muse

If I'm stuck on something, discussing my plot problems with a friend almost always helps. Often times a fresh pair of eyes helps solve things that I just can't figure out for whatever reason. Or the other strategy is to leave it alone and sleep on it - or even leave it be for a day or two and come back to it. Spending too long with the same thing can make it difficult to know what to do next, and that happens a LOT (especially when writing on the RPG board my characters came from). Also, researching something that is in the novel (addiction, wilderness schools, etc) generates a LOT of ideas, really getting me into the story and setting so that when I write it feels as if I'm actually 'there'. I like to say that writing is just like acting, without the body movements, because it's so similar. Creating, being in that moment...the only difference is, I write it down.

So that's it! I guess I have to go back to work now ^_^ I plan to write at least a little tonight, so I'll let you know how it goes.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Working Title

So I'm writing a novel. Or, at least, attempting it. See, it's my first, and so there will always be the doubt that it will ever be finished. I do have a definite plot mapped out though, based on an original Text RPG storyline that I've been working on (in collaberation with others) for the past four years or so. I have more than enough material, enough that perhaps, there may be a second book. If only I could get the first one written.

And so the tentative title of this novel is 'Free Fall', although recently I've been toying with the title 'Tough Love'. I like them both, and they both fit the story, but I'm starting to think that 'Tough Love' would be best for 'book 1' and 'Free Fall' for book 2, if there will ever be such a thing. For now though, I'm going to stick with 'Free Fall' as my working title.

The story is that of a woman, a counselor for troubled teens in a fictional wilderness school. By day she helps teenagers work through the problems that are holding them back in life, such as addictions, abuse, anger issues or something similar. Off campus though, she is just as messed up as any of them, and relapses back into the alcoholism and abusive relationship she'd just narrowly escaped a few short years earlier. Help comes to her from the most unlikely of sources - one of her students.

I have the outline (in pencil!) done, and about one page written. I am currently in the research phase, and have been reading journal articles and websites for information about alcohol and drug addiction, abuse, wilderness schools and juvenile offenders. So far, I have found several websites for different schools that fit the bill, and I will be contacting them in order to gain information about their daily operation and anything else that will be useful to the story. I will also be conducting hands-on research into addiction, attending one (or perhaps a few) AA meetings in order to more accurately portray them over the course of the book.

I'm going to use this blog to track my progress with writing and researching, as well as discuss other non-noveling interests as they come up. I welcome questions and comments, I am also here to socialize!

And now, back to the writing...