Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fangirl Moment!

Iiiiiiii just found out that the primary muse for my novel, Sarah Wayne Callies, is filming/has filmed a new movie :D I just saw it on the SaveTheGoodDr LiveJournal community:

"Sarah has a role in a new movie "Black Gold" by Jeta Amata, she will play a reporter named Kate Summers in Nigeria. The movie was shoot in part in Africa"

Full post Here

Aaaaaand picture gallery HERE!

Ohhhh I'm so excited! I know she's in another upcoming movie 'Lullaby for Pi' buuut no idea when that's coming out. I wanna see both though. That, aaand she'll be in an upcoming episode of House, on April 19th, I believe :D *insanely excited*

Alright, that is all. Back to cleaning house ^_^

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