Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Life Changes Hindering Writing...

So I've been away for a while. I've started working 10 hour days lately, and will be doing so until the second week of May, but there's a bright spot at the end of that time - I'll be taking some time off. It's sort of a 'have to' thing, being that my contract with the college will be over until the fall, but I'm glad I'll have some time to myself. My search for a summer job has been quite fruitless, and so I've decided to give myself a little time to reflect and possibly take a course while I figure out what to do with myself. I'll be back to work for sure in the fall, but hopefully find a second part time job as early as June or July. There just aren't any jobs right now for a unilingual English Library Technician out there :(

Also, I've been away because of sadder reasons. My hamster died this past weekend, in the wee hours of the 18th, and so I've been steadily working through the grieving process of that. I'm a lot better now than I was, but it's still taken a lot of the wind out of my muse's sails. That, combined with my extremely long working hours has made me a zombie whenever I do have some computer time, and so my novel has temporarily been put on hold.

I do, however, have big plans. I plan to work on my novel every single day, starting when my contract ends for this term (early May). I plan to spend my days writing and napping and working out on Wii Fit and walking and searching the internet for jobs in my field. I hope, by the time I do go back to work, to have at least a partially completed manuscript, if not an entire rough draft. I also plan to document my progress here, so as to be accountable to something other than myself ^_^

I've also paused in my writing for Suite 101, although I have managed to punch out two articles in the past two weeks and outline a few more for later writing. Being so tired after work has made it almost impossible to write interesting articles, but I found a few that were pretty easy to write, so I managed to publish a little. My revenue has made it up to $1.47, but I know I'll have to work on more 'moneymaker' articles than simply 'ohh, I wanna write about this topic I like' articles. That would of course, require brain power, which I'm quite short on at the moment!

All in all I'm hanging in here. I'll be back to my normal inspired self in a few weeks. Novel is quietly simmering on the backburner though, and while my muse is very tired at the moment, it's still there.

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